Non-Regulated Entities

It is a good idea to maintain a drug free workplace, regulated or not.

Non-regulated businesses can easily increase employee productivity while decreasing employee turnover by simply implementing a random drug and alcohol program.

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Manage your own program
with Boon Data behind you.

Business owners and safety coordinators of non-regulated entities can achieve the benefits of maintaining a drug and alcohol program with assistance from Boon Data Solutions.  Don’t let the daunting task of managing a program keep you from increased employee productivity, decreased employee turnover and absenteeism, and reduced liability costs.  Boon Data can assist any company establish a drug and alcohol free workplace.

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Non-regulated drug testing programs

Putting you in the driver seat of your program.

By managing a drug and alcohol program in-house, users can constantly monitor annual percentages along with who is still due for testing, be notified first of all positive test results, manage employee information in one simple to use program, and have access to immediately update driver lists.

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Don’t want an in-house drug and alcohol program?

Or, want your drivers to participate in a larger consortium?
Boon Data Solutions is partnered with Compliance Associates, Inc., a transportation industry TPA and consulting service. Let us hook you up with industry leading professionals who’ve over twenty years of experience in the trucking industry and are versed in CFR Part 40.

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