Features of Boon Data Solutions

Trustwave SSL

Secure, Encrypted Access

128-bit encrypted connection over TrustWave SSL so users can rest assured their connection is verified and hidden from unsafe viewers.

Real Time Access to Your Data

Access driver lists in real time in order to stay current on program participants. Users can create current driver lists that can either include only current participants or show current and past participants with program exit dates. Users can create these lists based on the current business year or they can include information from past years.

Powerful Management Tools

With Boon Data, your drug and alcohol program management tools are built right into the system, including randomization software for quarterly random pulls. For those managing multiple companies or consortiums, Boon Data links pull notices with companies and their preference on how to receive notices.

As the administrator, users can pull the quarterly random, monitor drug and alcohol testing percentages daily, and view who has not reported for random testing. Based on the users ability to constantly monitor percentages, the administrator can adjust pull percentages for drug or alcohol testing in order to guarantee that all DOT required testing is complete by the end of the year.

Streamlined Reporting

Our enhanced system reports streamline regulatory reporting, including: Employee Information Detail Report, Test Results & Summary Reports, Annual or Semi-Annual MIS Report, Current and Past Driver Lists and Reports

Easy, Highly Detailed Records

With our platform, users can record all CDLs and consortium participation dates with the ability to remove drivers from random pull via their personal information page. Manage all employee information within Boon Data including SSN, current address, current phone number, CDL information, and the date they began participating in the drug and alcohol program. Easily add or remove drivers from the program via this main menu option.

Specimen ID-based Tracking

Record all drug and alcohol tests based on unique specimen ID and easily access and correct previously recorded tests, track all tests according to specimen ID, SSN, or last name of driver, simple data entry based on streamlined options
Drug and alcohol tests are easily and accurately recorded due to convenient drop down options. Users can revisit previously recorded tests in order to enter the collection site and lab billing information. Copies of all test results received from the MRO can be uploaded into the correct test report file for future availability.

Custom Client-Branded Web Portal

Customized, branded web portals offer users a unique view based on their specific interests. For instance, not all users of Boon Data Solutions will need or desire a sample collection site database.

Collection Site Databases

Boon Data Solutions has the available option to create customized collection site database. If your company or TPA works with collection sites all over the United States, Boon Data offers a collection site database portal to manage contact information and hours of service.

Not Just Drug Testing – Alcohol Use Prevention, Too

Boon Data is able to record drug and alcohol testing. Depending on your industry, drivers may not only be pulled for random drug testing but you may require alcohol testing as well. Both alcohol and drug testing can be recorded and monitored within Boon Data to guarantee that testing percentages are being met.

Web Based Reporting

Upload a PDF of the test results into the database and grant access for others to receive a notification and enter the database to view posted results.

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