DOT Compliance

We all know that US Department of Transportation regulations can be confusing and complex, making it difficult for employers to navigate the system and meet every requirement.

With over twenty years of DOT compliance experience within the transportation industry, Boon Data Solutions understands the requirements set forth for all industries and has the ability to guide your company through the compliance process.

49 CFR Part 40? Oh yeah, we’ve got this!

Boon Data Solutions is software that not only manages drug and alcohol testing records but fulfills consortium participation requirements set forth by the Part 40 and Part 382 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Boon Data allows users to be in charge of their drug and alcohol program.  Administrators of the software can pull the random driver list due for testing quarterly, can manage percentages throughout the year, and can view which drivers have not yet been tested.  Stay compliant by directly regulating your substance abuse program.

Put yourself in the driver seat of your drug and alcohol program.

There are many procedures to maintaining a DOT drug and alcohol program that must be adhered to.

These procedures include using a certified MRO service, contracting with certified labs, using DOT compliant collection sites, enrolling in a consortium and using coded random software when creating quarterly pulls.

Let our transportation industry professionals not only set you up with a certified MRO, lab, and collection site, but also with a data system that maintains your constant compliance.

You don’t have to outsource DOT compliance or create an entire division!
We make regulating your drug and alcohol program easy and efficient.

Boon Data Solutions can set you up with labs, an MRO, and collections sites.  No problem.

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