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Boon Data Solutions: Empowering Employers


\ˈbün\, noun

“a thing that is helpful or beneficial.”

We embody the simplicity of our name: helpful and beneficial.

Boon Data is a national provider of drug and alcohol program management software aimed at maintaining drug and alcohol free work spaces.  The staff at Boon Data Solutions believes in the benefits of maintaining a drug and alcohol free work space and our data management system is the helpful hand assisting your company through drug and alcohol compliance.

The drug and alcohol program software to make you better, not replace you

Boon Data Solutions allows users to manage employees’ drug and alcohol testing, create quarterly random pull lists, and generate annual and/or semi-annual (MIS) reports all through a simple online application.  The program is easy to navigate and reduces the time and cost of managing a drug and alcohol program.

Allow us to streamline your current drug and alcohol program or let us help you establish and implement a new system within your company.  

What Boon Data Solutions does for you

Boon Data effortlessly:

  • streamlines the hiring process,
  • manages a DOT compliance program,
  • maintains a drug and alcohol free work space,
  • provides quarterly random pull lists
  • and much, much more

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