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Drug and alcohol testing program management cloud software

Boon Data Solutions is a cloud-based software service for managing your own random testing!

Our system is designed to be comprehensive and yet simple to use for both entry and reporting.

It provides for you to set up collection sites, generate and track randoms pulls/tests, and also has MIS and other reports!

We believe in the benefits of maintaining a substance-free workspace.

Our white-labeled DOT compliance software service

Random drug testing application

Boon Data Solutions, Inc. is your DOT Compliant nationwide SaaS aimed at maintaining drug and alcohol-free workplaces.

Our data management system is the helpful hand assisting your company through drug and alcohol compliance.

Let over two decades of TPA experience – rolled into one simple software – make your day a whole lot easier.

• DOT drug testing software for randomly selecting employees
• Selections that satisfy all the criteria of DOT
• Even DOT or non-DOT compliant​ for completing company and employee reporting ​mandates



Data management resource for alcohol and drug testing

DOT validation:
Boon Data fulfills the specifications of DOT to scientifically randomize selections.

You have access to records for auditing in any facet of your drug testing management— whether you are a TPA, Occupational Health Professional, MRO, School Administrator, SAP, or Hospital.

Easy, simple, fast regulatory random drug testing software that is quick to set up and process your data!

Maintain in-house Drug & Alcohol Programs

Over half of all illicit drug users are employed full time or part time.

Don’t leave your company or agency at risk due to others’ negligence.

Maintaining a drug and alcohol program is the number one way to keep your staff safe.

DOT random drug testing software for the required administration of employee testing…
For random alcohol testing, a minimum of 10% and 25% for minimum random drug-testing is required by the FMCSA for the average number of employed.

What makes us stand out amidst the myriad of DOT drug testing companies?
We are the defacto DOT-compliant solution for employers, being a TPA ourselves and having an in-house development team.

See what we mean?
Whether an owner required federally to maintain a substance abuse program, a government agency, school district, aviation department, or simply a company that values the benefits of drug and alcohol compliance, Boon Data Solutions, Inc. eases the weight of in-house management.

Efficient, modern tools for transportation TPAs

Boon Data Solutions, Inc. was created for the Third Party Administrator.

We built Boon Data to help a small TPA in maintaining and streamlining drug and alcohol scientifically random selection compliance.

With an experienced industry professional’s oversight of DOT random drug testing companies, it’s been developed into a robust cloud-based software service with emphasis on quality, integrity, and simplicity.

For TPAs large or small, Boon Data manages multiple consortiums and operations while maintaining complete drug and alcohol screening records and compliance reporting.

Associating companies together for DOT drug and alcohol testing of its employees made simple!
Are you looking for a nationwide DOT random drug testing consortium program offering random testing consortium program management services for employers governed by Federal and State?
Record and report on drug screening consortiums, combining employers and their drivers into random testing pools.

Ask us about drug testing consortium companies and our DOT consortium software.

Yes, Boon Data does drug and alcohol testing software BEST!

National drug and alcohol screening compliance reports for companies looking for aid in consortium testing programs.


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